2020 TBC Conference

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After much prayer and discussion, we have decided to hold the TBC Conference only “online” this year.  Restrictions in Oregon have just tightened again, and it is very doubtful that things will get better in the next month. Other than the basic limits of how many people can meet in one place, there are other challenging issues like distancing, restrooms, food, weather, travel, lodging, and whatever else may come up. 

We will be putting all of our efforts into making the online conference very functional and a blessing for everyone. We’ve got some good ideas and trust the Lord will use the conference online. There is potential for reaching many more people!

  • Our speakers are Elijah Abraham, Carl Kerby, Warren Smith and T.A. McMahon.  See our Conference Page for more information!
  • Teaching from God's Word

Please click here to sign up for the online conference.

We hope you can join us!