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  • ISBN: 804671201298
  • Author: Mark Haville
  • Publisher: NPN Videos, 2012
  • Size: 1 DVD, 58 min.

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A visual odyssey of discovery shot in high-definition at various locations around Britain. Set in Stone takes us to spectacular scenery, awe-inspiring landscapes, and beautiful coastlines. It presents evidence for Earth's catastrophic past to enable the viewer to ask important questions.

According to modern geology, our world is over four and a half billion years old, and its geological features have been sculpted over vast eons of time.

Everyone knows that Planet Earth is unimaginably ancient. It's common knowledge that geological forces have acted slowly over millions of years to form the rocks beneath our feet. But what if what everyone 'knows' is wrong?

Were the rocks around us formed slowly and gradually - or suddenly during catastrophic events? Did the history of the world unfold over vast eras of time or much shorter periods? And what do the rocks really tell us about the geological history of our world?

The DVD comes with a fully referenced transcript with over 150 citations from the scientific literature. The DVD Chapters are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Historical foundations
  3. Hutton’s unconformity
  4. Rethinking uniformitarianism
  5. The Sutton Stone
  6. Rapid granite formation
  7. Outpourings of lava
  8. Glacial megafloods
  9. Mam Tor
  10. Dating the rocks
  11. Missing salt and sea floor sediment
  12. Eroding continents
  13. Fossil graveyards
  14. The mudstone revolution
  15. Algal blooms and chalk deposition
  16. Return to Siccar Point
  17. Conclusion