Apostasy Update # 5

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  • Item# DVDA5
  • Author: T. A. McMahon and Carl Teichrib
  • Publisher: The Berean Call, 2020
  • Size: 1 DVD, 107 min.

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The programs on this DVD are titled:

  • "Is the God of Hinduism Blessing America?"

  • "Is It All About Me? No! It's Not All About Me,"

  • "East Bests West!" 

T. A. McMahon and Carl Teichrib talk about many different topics including: science, history, psychology, eschatology, and more! Carl gives this warning: "Romans 12:1-2 is so important: that we conform ourselves to Him, and that we experience the transformation of our mind through Him, because if its being transformed by the way the world wants to transform us, we're stuck. We're stuck in a rut."