SwordGrip Memory Books - KJV

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  • ISBN: 9781684549955
  • Author: Lynch/Woychuk
  • Publisher: Scripture Memory Fellowship, 2018
  • Size: 60 pp, softcover.

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Before you can live out Scripture, you've got to know it! And one of the best ways to make God's Word a very real part of your thinking and daily decision-making is to treasure it in your memory. Appropriate for many different skill levels, the colorful SwordGrip flip books include detachable scripture verse cards to aid in memorization, stickers to mark each week's recitation, and "Grip-It-Tighter" questions to encourage deeper understanding. Ideal for use in a group setting in conjunction with the Teacher's Guide which you can see here. For Ages 7+.

These resources include useful tools to help you memorize more than 80 key verses (each), in 28 weeks. They give the flexibility to memorize 1, 2, or 3 verses of varying length each week!