The Pursuit of God

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  • Author: A. W. Tozer
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers,
  • Size: 131 pp, paperback.

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Since the first edition of The Pursuit of God was published in 1948, millions of copies have been printed and distributed in several languages around the world. While all of Tozer's writings are well received, The Pursuit of God continues to be the most popular.

Perhaps the continued usefulness of this book can be attributed to the writer's great spiritual discovery that to seek God does not narrow one's life, but brings it, rather, to the level of highest possible fulfillment.

Whether you are thirsting for more of God or do not yet know of the "mighty longing after God" that so consumed A. W. Tozer's life and ministry, The Pursuit of God will draw you into a deep, abiding relationship with the One who "nourishes the soul." This spiritual masterpiece exposes the roadblocks that keep us from fully knowing God, reveals our responsibility of the pursuit, and ultimately leads us into the very presence of God himself. This new edition has been published with a beautiful new cover to reach a whole new generation of readers.

A. W. Tozer was something of a twentieth-century prophet calling the modern church back to the practice of godliness and to that level of spiritual reality enjoyed by serious seekers after God from the days of the apostles. In the legacy of his writings, none speaks more clearly to our deepest heart need than The Pursuit of God.