2016 Complete Radio Set

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  • Author: T. A. McMahon with various.
  • Publisher: The Berean Call, 2016
  • Size: 26 CDs or 1 MP3 disc, 22+ hrs.

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Search the Scriptures 24/7 with T. A. McMahon engages guests in discussions that biblically evaluate popular trends and teachings that are influencing millions of Christians today. Nearly 20 hours of content on 24 CDs. The CDs in this set are packed in individual clear vinyl sleeves.

Guests include:

  • Arab Bible - Are Yahweh and Allah the Same God?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Does God Hear Everyone's Prayer?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - What is the Kundalani Spirit?
  • Thomas Ice - An Islamic Antichrist?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Spiritual Seduction
  • Carl Kerby - Who Created Evolution?
  • Rob Congdon - Can Bad Hermeneutics Lead to Heresy?
  • Larry DeBruyn - What is Quantum Spirituality?
  • Mark Cahill - Evangelize! Evangelize! Evangelize!
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Is Your Faith as a Grain of Mustard Seed?
  • Ray Yungen - Contemplative Spirituality Goes Mainstream?
  • Warren Smith - How Old is the New Age?
  • Gary Gilley - Is It Alcoholism...Or Just Being a Drunk?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Allah and Yahweh
  • Greg Durel - What is the New Catholicism?
  • Joe Keim - Are the Amish Really Christians?
  • Martin and Deidre Bobgan - Is Psychological Counseling Biblical?
  • Andy Woods - The Coming Kingdom
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Why Do Humans Need God?
  • Martin and Deidre Bobgan - The Psychologizing of MIssionaries
  • Mike Warren - Is There a Worldwide Revival Just Ahead?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Is Man Eternal?
  • Dave and Tom Classic - Do We Get Another Chance at Life?