A Biblical Critique of the Purpose Driven Life

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  • Author: Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon
  • Publisher: The Berean Call
  • Size: 4 CDs or 1 MP3 disc, 4.5 hrs.

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This power-packed, nine-part audio series produced for Search the Scriptures Daily Radio takes a Berean's eye-look at the content of Rick Warren's 20-million-plus best-seller, The Purpose-Driven Life. Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon share their thoughts and analysis of The Purpose Driven Life in light of God's Word, and examine the difficult question: Are the writings of Rick Warren founded in Bible-centered wisdom, or are they rooted in humanistic philosophy and man-made methodology? Program tracks include:

  1. How Biblical is The Purpose-Driven Life?
  2. Can 20,000 Churches Be Wrong?
  3. Does The Purpose-Driven Life Present the Gospel?
  4. What Could Be Wrong with 40 days of Community?
  5. Is the Purpose-Driven Life Just Pop Psychology?
  6. Do You Make God Smile?
  7. Are You Best Friends with God?
  8. What is Your Spiritual Shape?
  9. Is The Purpose-Driven Life a How-To Book?

Also included is a tenth track: Dave and Tom's live call-in program aired on Calvary Satellite Network, in which they address callers' questions and concerns about The Purpose Driven Life.

Bonus item: T. A. McMahon's 16-page critique of Warren's book.