The Wall: Prophecy, Politics, & Middle East “Peace”

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  • ISBN: 9659000073
  • Author: Ramon Bennett
  • Publisher: Shekinah Books, 2001
  • Size: 368 pp, paperback.

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"I have set the watchmen on your walls, O Jerusalem: they shall never hold their peace day or night" (Isaiah 62:6).

A "watchman on the wall" is duty bound to warn the city's inhabitants of approaching danger. The author, Ramon Bennett, is a well-known watchman, and he is fervently blowing the trumpet—but will anyone heed the sound?

This is a book with impact. The message imparts spiritual truths while dealing with Middle East "peace" and the financial and political interests of those involved. The real intentions of the Arab and Islamic worlds are exposed, as the author unfolds the drama in light of the "Wall" spoken about in biblical prophecy: "they lead my people astray, saying, 'Peace,' when there is no peace, and because, when a flimsy wall is built, they cover it with whitewash" (Ezekiel 13:10).

Five years of Ramon Bennett's life are invested in the research and writing of this book. More than 1,000 quotations proving the "peace process" to be a farce are included in the text. He shows us that in reality this is a 'piece process' whereby Israel is being broken down piece by piece and stripped of its strategic, defensive land, inviting an attempted coup de grace by Arab armies.

A wealth of information is within these pages: Information CNN chooses not to tell; information the White House, US State Department, the CIA, and others would rather the reader did not know. Also included is information on the weapons of mass destruction being stockpiled by the Arab nations and Iran for use against Israel—sufficient weapons to snuff out all life on earth several times over. There will be and can be no lasting peace until after Armageddon, and that could be a lot closer than we dare to imagine.

Ramon Bennett is an international Bible teacher, historian and political analyst. He travels extensively throughout the world sharing from his deep knowledge and understanding of the Scriptures. He and his wife, Zipporah, are Israeli citizens, and have lived in Jerusalem since 1980. Bennett needs little introduction. A writer of books that have all become best-sellers, he has avid readers in well over a hundred countries.