Biblical Counseling Reviews

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  • ISBN: 9780941717274
  • Author: Martin and Deidre Bobgan
  • Publisher: Eastgate Publishers, 2018
  • Size: 268 pp, paperback.

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This book reviews the biblical counseling of Dr. Jay Adams, Dr. David Powlison, Dr. Heath Lambert, Dr. John Street, Dr. Jim Newheiser, Dr. Paul Tripp, and Pastor Randy Patten and reveals that the best examples of biblical counseling done by some of the foremost leaders of the biblical counseling movement have grave biblical errors.

The undoing of the biblical counseling movement does not primarily come from their teachings, but from their practices and presentations of actual counseling when examined with the Bible. This book is an exposé of what seven of the recognized leaders and teachers of biblical counseling actually do in counseling and why believers should shun their counseling conversations.

The downloadable ebook is available for free at PsychoHeresy Awareness Ministries.