Final Destiny

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  • Item# B00152
  • ISBN: 9781626931152
  • Author: William MacDonald
  • Publisher: Dime Publishers
  • Size: 32 pp, softcover booklet.

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Great evangelism tool from William MacDonald! Use this to minister to the lost around you today.

Life is uncertain. Every day people rise and go to work, little realizing that before evening they will have met God. Today some will leave Planet Earth due to a heart attack, an accident, or criminal assault. The possibilities of sudden death are many.

For this reason alone, every thinking person must wonder where they will go when they die and where they will spend eternity.

What will be your final destiny? This booklet will help you find out. Read it carefully. It could change your life and your destiny — forever.

Full color 32 page booklet. 5.5" x 8.5"