What Is God's Purpose for Life?

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  • Author: Dr. Jerry Benjamin
  • Publisher: Jerry Benjamin, 2017
  • Size: 56 pp. paperback

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What is God's purpose for life? The Word of God distinctly declares that we have been created in the image of God for the express design of intimate fellowship with the Person of God. God wants us in a living relationship with Himself.

God did not create us for what we can do for Him, on the contrary, to be with Him. God did not create us because He needs us, instead, it is because He loves us. God did not create us to serve Him, more precisely, to know Him. God did not create us for what he can get from us, but rather, Who He can give to us —Himself— personally, individually, and relationally.

The reason for life is to be enjoying a personal, living, loving, intimate oneness with the Person Who is Life — the Lord Jesus Christ.


May this booklet be a "signpost," pointing you to the all sufficiency and supremacy of the all-together Lovely One, our precious Savior, the preeminent Lord Jesus Christ — all of Thee and none of me!


Dr. Jerry Benjamin, travels extensively in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the world as an "Itinerant Bible Teacher." He proclaims the simply singular message of the living and indwelling Lord Jesus—exalting the Savior, so that Christ may be preeminent in every aspect, as well as in each relationship of life.

As Jerry ministers with the encouraging support and assistance of his wife, Linda, he has purposed to serve the Lord by going anywhere to teach the Word of God to those desiring to know the Person of the Word, the Lord Jesus Christ. They serve as a "faith ministry," charging no fees, but trusting God to provide the necessary resources for their livelihood through gifts from individuals and churches who have been blessed by the ministry.

Little Nuggets Series, Booklet #8.