Believer's Bible Commentary

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  • Item# B19728
  • ISBN: 9780718076856
  • Author: William MacDonald
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson, 1995
  • Size: 2592+ pp, hardback.

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Rich practical exposition of both the Old and New Testaments in one hardbound volume. Written from a soundly conservative viewpoint. Combines profound spiritual insights and relevant practical application. Verse-by-verse explanation of the Bible—one of the best investments you can make in your study of the Word of God. Provides plenty of material for serious students of Scripture.

The one-volume Bible commentary that makes the riches of God's Word clear and easily available to you. Written with warmth, reverence, and devout scholarship, the Believer's Bible Commentary is the perfect choice for your personal devotions and Bible study and for preparing Bible lessons for teaching others.

"The Believer's Bible Commentary by William MacDonald is one of the richest publications to be offered to the Christian world. It possesses a richness in background study and an enlightenment in present understanding that can and will forever bless the student of Holy Scriptures ... The messages presented from the inspired text are pertinent to modern life and living. I commend the volume to the believing world with all my heart." —Dr. W. A. Criswell, First Baptist Church, Dallas

"Believer's Bible Commentary provides for every strand of the family of believers a much needed resource on the Bible. It is a refreshing work just brimming with clear exposition for one who desires to know the Scriptures. Both author and editor display a thorough mastery of the text, enhanced by a deep spiritual perception of the truth. I commend with confidence this choice volume to Christians everywhere." Dr. Paul R. Van Gorder, Teacher Emeritus, Radio Bible Class