Prayers and Promises

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  • ISBN: 9781845500382
  • Author: Frances Bevan
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications, 2005
  • Size: 125 pp, softcover.

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A courageous young calvary officer returns from the Battle of Waterloo to fall in love with a beautiful noble woman, but who will win his heart and soul?

A mother struggles to keep her children warm. But will praying to God do her any good at all, she wonders?

A missionary travels through thew heat and dangers of the Middle-east, but distance and danger mean nothing to God who is in control of all circumstances. 

Our faithful God - he is the one we can rely on when there is nothing and no one left to cling to.

Prayers and Promises is a fascinating collection of stories that thrill today just as much as they did yesterday. See God at work as he provides for those in need, as he brings people to himself and as his word goes throughout the whole world bringing peace and truth and justice.

Written for ages 7-12.