The Facts on Halloween

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  • ISBN: 9780736922197
  • Author: John Ankerberg, John Weldon, Dillon Burroughs
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers, 2008
  • Size: 89 pp, paperback.

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"Trick or Treat!" Every Halloween, kids set out to gather as many goodies as they possibly can, acting out practices they know little about. Is this fall custom truly innocent, or does Halloween have a darker side? Whether through trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or dressing up in scary costumes for school, children learn about witches and ghosts, gruesome rituals, and the occult.

The Facts on Halloween answers such questions as:

  • When and where did Halloween originate?
  • Is Halloween different today than it was a generation or two ago?
  • What should Christians know if they choose to take part in this event?

This concise booklet will help you make an informed judgment about the history and impact of Halloween and guide you in deciding how to approach it.

This book includes the NIV version of the Bible.