Strength for Tough Times

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  • ISBN: 9781942423102
  • Author: Maria Kneas
  • Publisher: Lighthouse Trails, 2016
  • Size: 131 pp, softcover.

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Encouragement & exhortation from God's Word!

Surprising events have been happening in America, and things in which we used to trust no longer seems reliable. How can we find security, peace, and joy under such circumstances?

Only God has enough love, power, and faithfulness to be our Defense, our Rescuer, and our Refuge. He is the solid Rock on which we can safely stand (Psalm 62:5-7). Everything else is only "sinking sand." It promises safety for a while, but sooner or later it fails us. 

How can the believer apply these Scriptural principles to everyday life? Strength for Tough Times contains practical lessons that were learned the hard way -- in the furnace of affliction. That is where we discover how much we can trust God. 

The author knows something about affliction, because she watched her husband die, and she herself is a cancer survivor. She can testify that God is faithful. He loves us, and He promises to bring good out of everything that happens to those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Maria Kneas writes from experience, from a lifetime of needing God's strength for the many challenges she has faced. As a result of these difficult times, Maria has paid close attention when preachers or authors or friends shared insights about receiving God's strength, comfort, and encouragement. Through prayer and careful study of God's Word, she has confirmed those things which are in accordance of the Scriptures.