God Still Speaks

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  • ISBN: 9781882701872
  • Author: William MacDonald
  • Publisher: Gospel Folio Press, 2002
  • Size: 160 pp, paperback.

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God has spoken in varied ways to us—by creation, conscience, and circumstances. He has used people, angels, even animals to make His message known.

In this highly readable book, William MacDonald tells more than 30 remarkable stories in which the Lord has spoken to people through Scripture. He writes, “Those who heard the words knew that God had spoken to them, even if others might not have found it so convincing.”

We must be careful when interpreting Scripture, but as Mr. MacDonald explains, the divine Author continues to apply His Word in His own ways to meet His people’s needs.

An encouraging and impacting book both for the new and seasoned believer to read; and a clarion call for each to seek God through His Word for wisdom in all things, and to wait expectantly for Him to answer mightily on the seeking one’s behalf.