Election in Romans 9:1-24

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  • ISBN: 9780977642564
  • Author: Ron Merryman
  • Publisher: Merryman Ministries, 2009
  • Size: 24 pp, paperback.

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This booklet was originally presented as a conference talk at Chafer Theological Seminary in Santa Ana, California. Ron Merryman contends that corporate Israel is the object of God's election in Romans 9 and that individuals are named only as they relate to His sovereign choice for that lineage as well as the ancestry of Messiah. Merryman's solid exegesis will confirm this.

Ron Merryman served the Lord in Bible colleges for eleven years, three of those as acting president of Western Bible College in Morrison, Colorado (now Colorado Christian University). Leaving Western, he became the pastor of Holly Hills Bible Church in Denver, Colorado, where he served for fourteen years. While serving as a pastor, Ron became the visiting professor of History (1976-1980) at Christian Heritage College in El Cajon, California. Ron writes and manages Merryman Ministries from his home in Tullahoma, Tennessee.