The Light that was Dark

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  • ISBN: 9780976349211
  • Author: Warren B. Smith
  • Publisher: Mountain Stream Press, 2005
  • Size: 167 pp, paperback.

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This timely book has all the elements of an exciting adventure novel as it takes the reader deep into the life of a spiritual seeker.

Warren Smith's fascinating spiritual journey begins with a dramatic reading by a traveling psychic. Following the psychic's explicit instructions, Smith prays to spirits on "the other side" and asks for their spiritual help in his life. After that prayer, a number of mysterious, seemingly "meant to be" personal encounters and spiritual experiences propel him forward on his journey. Follow the trail as a bewildered Smith and the woman who is soon to become his wife are compelled to come to terms with the nature of good and evil. After surfacing from a series of tumultuous and harrowing incidents, he shares his journey's startling and inescapable conclusion.