Forty Years in the Amazon

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  • ISBN: 9781889575070
  • Author: Sung Joon Kim
  • Publisher: SOF Publications, 2009
  • Size: 253 pp, paperback.

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The publisher is donating all profits from this book to support the printing of Portuguese Bibles for distribution throughout the remote regions of Brazil. TBC donated editorial, typesetting and design services for this valuable work, spearheaded by Dick York and Shield of Faith Mission Intl.

Here is the story of the first missionary from South Korea to the unreached tribesmen of the vast Amazon Jungle. Trudging the dark, sometimes flooded trails of malaria-infested forests of western Brazil, he faced the terrifying prospect of becoming disoriented and lost in the darkness, falling prey to wild animals and savage Indians, or succumbing to malaria or dengue fever transmitted by ever-present blood-sucking insects. Motivated by a clear calling from God and directed by Divine guidance, he overcame obstacles of nature and of men who opposed his mission. Loved by the Indians he reached, and hated by the anthropologists who opposed his efforts, he and his wife Jae Sun have invested forty years of their lives in obscurity. Sung Joon Kim would say that being in the center of God’s will is of itself a great reward.

[NOTE: Due to the sensitive nature of some content, parents are advised to preview this book before giving it to their children.]