Berean Bite: Emerging Church Set

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  • Author: Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon
  • Publisher: The Berean Call
  • Size: 1 Booklet (34 pp), 1 Study Guide (13 pp), 1 CD (78 min).

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The Emerging church movement began with the goal of keeping younger generations of evangelicals committed to their faith while also finding a way to make Christianity more relevant in the context of our changing culture. Those intentions certainly are good in principle, but there are serious problems with the way they come into practice. As this Berean Bites booklet demonstrates, the “emergent” mindset too often plays up to the post-modern mentality, which is characterized by doing one’s own thing, disdaining rules, denouncing absolutes, being comfortable with holding two contradictory beliefs, avoidance of commitments, living for the moment, and viewing pleasure as the highest pursuit. Discover the root—and fruit—of this movement, and learn how to recognize and avoid its prolific pitfalls by “gird[ing] up the loins of your mind” (1 Peter 1:13).