2014 Conference: Carl Kerby Jr. CD

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  • Author: Carl Kerby Jr.
  • Publisher: The Berean Call, 2014
  • Size: 2 CDs, 1+ hrs.

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 Listen to Carl Kerby Jr. at the 2014 TBC Conference in Bend, Oregon. Talks include:

  • Why Are We Losing Our Younger Generation?
  • Game Over - It's Not Just A Game
(Includes a Q&A session)

    Carl Kerby Jr.’s area of expertise and research involves issues that we here at TBC consider to be of prime importance, especially regarding the upcoming generation: it’s the entertainment media, and specifically video games. Carl is the co-author with Drew Thorwall of It’s Not Just a Game: How Parents and Gamers Can Apply God’s Word to Video Games. Carl also has a DVD called Game Over: It’s Not Just a Game. You can find his website here.