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  • ISBN: 9781928660248
  • Author: Facius/McDermott
  • Publisher: IFI-D, 2005
  • Size: 1 DVD, 1.2 hrs.

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Warning: Contains scenes of inhuman atrocities. Discretionary viewing strongly advised.

Less than seventy years ago, six million Jews—men, women, and children, were brutally murdered by the Nazis, just because they were born Jewish. So soon after, the world seems to have forgotten what happened.

Today the evil force of anti-Semitism is once again growing rapidly, spreading its deadly fire in a new wave of international terrorism against Jewish lives and properties. This film documents a concerted campaign to de-humanise the Jewish people and de-legitimize the nation of Israel. As viewers will see in this exclusive footage, today’s Arab-sponsored state-run propaganda is alarmingly similar to that of Nazi Germany during World War II, and presents a clear and present danger to Jewish people around the world today.

Unless action is taken, the words inscribed on a memorial at Auschwitz will ring true: "The one who does not remember history is bound to live through it again."

From the Producer:

The documentary Lest We Forget has arisen from a deep concern over the rise of anti-Semitism among Arab/Muslim nations and in Europe in recent years. In particular we are seeing an increasing fervour by those who seek to either deny or minimise the reality of the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. Furthermore, there is a concerted campaign in many Arab countries—both through their state-run media and education systems—to de-humanise the Jewish people and de-legitimise the State of Israel. In many respects the lies being propagated are alarmingly similar to those spread by the Nazis with all their horrific consequences for the Jewish people during World War II.

We believe there is a clear and present danger to Jewish people around the world today—including in Israel. The purpose of the documentary is to re-affirm the horrors of the Holocaust and alert our audience to the fact that history is set to be repeated unless action is taken.

While our main target audience is intended to be the Christian community who, apart from a few, was mainly silent about the Nazi atrocities, we hope and believe that many others will also be alerted to the realities of what is happening now and will respond positively. - Johannes Facius