Beyond Seduction - A Return to Biblical Christianity DVD

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  • Item# DVD200
  • ISBN: 9781928660217
  • Author: Dave Hunt
  • Publisher: The Berean Call
  • Size: 4 DVDs, 8+ hrs.

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8 video programs on 4 DVDs. Digitally re-mastered footage from an original 8-tape VHS series featuring Dave Hunt addressing concerns from his best-selling book, Beyond Seduction - A Return to Biblical Christianity. A sudden and unexpected revolution has begun. Some have hailed this revolution as a much-needed purification of the church, while others are saying that it will lead to a major schism in Christianity unless the church comes face-to-face with an undeniable truth: We must be certain that what we believe is firmly based upon the clear teaching of God's Word alone. The only real remedy for deception and apostasy is a return to a true biblical foundation for Christian living. Now, in Beyond Seduction, Dave Hunt thoroughly explores the biblical and historical view of Christian teachings within the church.

  • Disc 1 (1:57) New Age Movement and Seduction and Deception
  • Disc 2 (1:56) Visualization and Psychology and Inner Healing
  • Disc 3 (1:55) Selfism and Matthew 16 and the Cross
  • Disc 4 (1:49) Kingdom/Dominion Theology and Selected Questions and Answers