Mind Invaders Audiobook

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  • Author: Dave Hunt
  • Publisher: The Berean Call
  • Size: 10 CDs or 1 MP3 disc, 13 hrs.

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This is the new version of Mind Invaders, read by Tom McMahon in 2019.  

“Have you seen the new Dave Hunt movie?” This could have become a popular question back in the 1980s, had the script version of Dave Hunt’s Archon Conspiracy been acquired by a Hollywood production studio.... But have you read the bestselling novel whose motion picture script served as the catalyst for Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon’s 30-plus year collaboration?

Both fiction and nonfiction readers will be transfixed by Dave’s character and story development in this powerful story of  true-to-life espionage, international intrigue, paranormal research and spiritual deception. Retitled Mind Invaders, Dave’s tale of the Archons (enlightened ETs who make contact with psychic researchers in both the US and then-Soviet Union) reads like a current-day NYT bestseller, in large part due to its biblical (and believable) premise, based on historic facts of secret cold war government programs.

New and returning readers will be delighted by the audiobook edition. Read by T.A. McMahon, and recorded by Search the Scriptures Daily Radio producer Gary Carmichael, the audiobook is truly a TBC exclusive! When parents are available, the story is suitable for young teens and even pre-teens to listen along, as it provides an opportunity to discuss “supernatural” phenomena from a biblical perspective.