Defending the Faith MP3

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  • Author: Dave Hunt, T. A. McMahon, & Greg Durel
  • Publisher: The Berean Call
  • Size: 1 disc, 4 hrs.

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The Apostle Peter under the Holy Spirit's inspiration encourages believers to always be ready (1 Peter 3:15) to explain their faith to whoever asks them about what they believe and why.

This multifaceted discernment series was recorded during the 2001 Defending the Faith conference and features Dave Hunt, Greg Durel, and T. A. McMahon. It's sure to be a great help in witnessing and strengthening yourself in the faith.

Nearly six hours of teaching in seven presentations!

  • Greg Durel: Why Apologetics?
  • T. A. McMahon: Proving the Existence of God
  • Dave Hunt: The Seduction of Christianity