STSD Radio 1999-2008 MP3

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  • Item# STSD
  • Author: Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon
  • Publisher: The Berean Call, 2010
  • Size: 39 discs, 443 hrs.

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The complete set of Search the Scriptures Daily broadcasts - 1999 through 2008  - on MP3

For nearly ten years, Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon sat down in TBC's broadcast studio in Bend, Oregon to discuss God's Word, Dave's books, events of the day, and questions from listeners. Search the Scriptures Daily was broadcast weekly and heard all over the world via local radio stations, networks, and shortwave broadcasting. Though pre-recorded, these programs had a live "feel" because Dave was never given the subject matter ahead of time and his reactions were always spontaneous and lively!

Each of these beautifully repackaged CD albums contain four discs of archival-quality MP3 recordings (except for Year One, which includes 22 programs on 2 discs, and Year Ten, which contains 35 programs on 3 discs).

Purchase the entire library of about nearly 470 broadcast programs, and you’ll be able to listen to STSD for years to come. Each of these episodes was formerly offered by subscription on audio CD at a cost of $5.00 per week, making this series a $2,375 value! Now, these “premium” MP3 files (with quality better than those freely available on our website) will save you time and money, while giving you immediate access to the best-quality compressed files we offer, in permanent home-library packaging.

Each STSD program is about an hour in length, so a full year’s worth (52 hours) can be yours to enjoy and share, for as little as 32 cents per listening hour! In addition to playing directly from the CDs (on an MP3-compatible player) you may also copy the MP3 files to your computer, iPod, or other personal portable MP3 player for your convenience. 

As a bonus, this set includes two DVDs, The Best of STSD Radio 2007 & 2008, an additional $25.00 value!