How New Calvinism Serves Satan's Purposes

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  • Item# B02092
  • Author: Dr. Robert R. Congdon
  • Publisher: Congdon Ministries International, 2014
  • Size: 31 pp, softcover.

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In this transcript of a message delivered at the 2014 Grace Conference in Lake Zurich, Illinois, Dr. Congdon carefully outlines and uncovers the strategies that Satan is using to "set the stage" for his worldwide religion and government that will be established during the Tribulation. He also explains how the New Calvinist movement may be a part of Satan's plan as he uses earnest individuals to unwittingly spread it throughout Christendom. Dr. Congdon discusses three forms or divisions within the New Calvinist movement the enable it basic doctrines to be accepted within a wide spectrum of Christianity: Neo-Puritans, Contemporary New Calvinists, and Neo-Calvinists.