In Defense of the Faith MP3

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  • Author: Dave Hunt & T. A. McMahon
  • Publisher: The Berean Call, 2009
  • Size: 1 disc, 37+ hrs.

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One-disc MP3 radio discussion of In Defense of the Faith from Search the Scriptures DailyRecorded for radio broadcast, this archival series featuring Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon spans nearly 100 segments (about 23 minutes each) that comprise over 37 hours of fascinating discussion.

When confronted with uncomfortable questions from atheists and agnostics, cultists and pagans, or skeptics and mystics, do your once-firm convictions begin to crumble and compromise? Do you tend to take flight—or instead, are you able to stand firm and “earnestly contend for the faith”? (Jude 3)