One Heartbeat Away Audiobook MP3

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  • Author: Mark Cahill
  • Publisher: Mark Cahill Ministries, 2007
  • Size: 1 disc, 6 hrs.

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Your Journey Into Eternity

Can you prove there is a God? Doesn't evolution disprove the existence of God? Can you really provide evidence that the Bible is true? What happens after you die? 

Read by the author, these exciting stories are presented in a user-friendly style—everything from near-death experiences to what celebrities believe. Written primarily to share with nonbelievers, it will also help the believer arm himself with answers to questions that are likely to come up when witnessing.

Mark Cahill speaks to thousands of people each year at conferences, camps, retreats, etc. He has also appeared on numerous radio and television shows. Mark's favorite thing is to go out and meet people and find out what they believe and why they believe it. You can find him at malls, concerts, festivals, airports, beaches, sporting events, etc., doing just that.