Oops I Thought I Was a 4 Point Calvinist

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  • Item# B02090
  • Author: Dr. Robert R. Congdon
  • Publisher: Congdon Ministries International, 2014
  • Size: 84 pp, softcover.

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Rob Congdon writes: "New Calvinism has re-invigorated the teachings of traditional Calvinism and is sweeping throughout Christianity today, dividing Christians and influencing what is taught in churches, seminaries, and schools. After inductively studying the Bible's teaching on human depravity, election, grace, and perseverance and then comparing my conclusions with Calvin's teaching, I concluded that I could no longer call myself a four-point Calvinist, for his five points did not agree with what my study had revealed to me. This book offers a system of theology that I simply call 'Biblicism' because I believe it harmonizes with the Scriptures."