Letting God Create Your Day Vol 3

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  • Item# B07547
  • ISBN: 1882510216
  • Author: Paul A. Bartz
  • Publisher: Creation Moments, 2015
  • Size: 264 pp, softcover.

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In volume three of Letting God Create Your Day, you will learn about many of God's most unusual creatures, including these:

  • God has designed microbes that dispose of hazardous wastes, including radioactive waste and CFCs!

  • The hornet's body is a living solar cell-it takes six hornets, wired together in a series, to generate enough electricity to run a digital watch.

  • Sea lions have been trained not only to do scientific research on themselves but also other animals-including videotaping whales in the ocean depths.

  • Scientists have discovered that plants can see and react to their environments, just as animals do.

  • Polar bear fur is not white! It is actually transparent!

Ages 8+