Lighthouse Trails Booklet Set #5 - New Age Teachings

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 We’re pleased to offer these fantastic booklets from Lighthouse Trails! Each booklet covers a topic in just a few pages and is perfect for personal study or to give to others. These five booklets are available as a set or individually. We hope to feature more in the future.

This set includes all five booklets listed below:

The New Age Implications of Jesus Calling

Warren B. Smith—There are Many New Age implications – both direct and indirect – in Sarah Young's best selling book Jesus Calling. In this booklet, the author, former New Ager Warren Smith, present ten examples of those New Age implications. 19 pp.

Oprah Winfrey's New Age "Christianity" & the Emperor's New Clothes - Part 1

Warren B. Smith— For nearly thirty years, Oprah has enthusiastically and consistently communicated her New Age beliefs through countless New Age authors. Thanks to Oprah's high visibility and continued popularity, "the great heretical idea" that "God" and "Christ" are within everyone has been "widely communicated" and is fast becoming our "new consensus" and "what everyone knows." 19 pp.

Oprah Winfrey's New Age "Christianity" - Neale Donald Walsch, "God", & Hitler - Part 2

Warren B. Smith— Several months after the tragic events of 9/11, Oprah Winfrey did a special program on the ten most "memorable thinkers" she had ever met. One of those thinkers was controversial New Age channeler Neale Donald Walsch, who teaches–among other things–that we are all "God" and that "Hitler went to heaven." Oprah's high praise of Walsch provides important insight into the strong New Age beliefs she attempts to pass off as being "Christian." 19 pp.

Goddess Worship in America, and How It's Affecting the Church

Maria Kneas & John Lanagan— The worship of pagan goddesses is most obvious with the Wiccans. However, it is also common in universities and nursing schools. It is promoted by the media and is a component of New Age feminism. What's more, it has infiltrated mainline denominational churches and its influence can be felt throughout our society. 15 pp. 

Leonard Sweet: A More Magnificent Way of Seeing Christ?

Warren B. Smith—Lighthouse Trails' 100th booklet is about emerging church leader Leonard Sweet. Many of you may not know who he is or know very little about him, but his influence in the church has been significant. This book outlines several of Leonard Sweet's dangerous teachings. 19 pp.