Lighthouse Trails Booklet Set #6 - Parents Did You Know?

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We’re pleased to offer these fantastic booklets from Lighthouse Trails! Each booklet covers a topic in just a few pages and is perfect for personal study or to give to others. These five booklets are available as a set or individually. We hope to feature more in the future.

This set includes all five booklets listed below:

Dangers and Deceptions of the Martial Arts

Linda Nathan —This booklet's aim is to help you understand and decipher the underlying dangers and deceptions of the martial arts. Includes the testimony of a woman who walked away from a championship career. 19 pp.

A Christian Parent's Guide to Pokemon

Lois Putnam For Pokeman Go gamers, their "Gotta Mantra" is "Gotta Catch 'Em All!"Pokeman that is. However, a Christian's motto must be: "Gotta Know, Gotta Learn, Gotta Discern, Gotta Go!" And just what it is that we as born again believers gotta know, gotta learn, gotta discern, and gotta go will be the theme of this booklet. 19 pp.

A "Common Core" for a Global Community

Berit Kjos —In regards to the educational initiative, The Common Core, Berit Kjos writes: "I hope this booklet will help parents, concerned educators, and our children prepare together for the spiritual battlefields ahead." 19 pp.

Five Things You Can Do to Protect Your Kids from Sexual Predators

Patrick Crough —This booklet tackles an incredibly important issue every parent and grandparent should be aware of. How can we protect our kinds from sexual predators? The Lord desires to protect you and your children. The Bible is clear about this. This booklet offers concise information that will help your family defend against sexual predators and will encourage you with many passages of scripture. 15 pp.

Ten Vital things Parents Can Do to Help Children Keep Their Faith

Berit Kjos —In a world where public schools, television, movies, popular music, the Internet, and more all offer tempting counterfeits of what God promises His people, there is only one safe place for our children: in the loving arms of the Shepherd. The following ten points offer practical and scriptural advice on how to raise your children to know and love the Lord and to continue walking in the faith. 15 pp.