Letting God Create Your Day Vol 2

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  • Item# B07286
  • ISBN: 1882510186
  • Author: Paul A. Bartz
  • Publisher: Creation Moments, 2009
  • Size: 261 pp, softcover.

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A great resource for Sunday school lessons, family devotions and must to share with your children and grandchildren. In volume two you'll learn about:

  • The sea horse is the only animal in which the male actually becomes pregnant and gives birth!

  • Many animals know about and use the natural medicines found in nature.

  • Some spiders pretend to be ants by waiving their front legs over their heads like antennae, thus escaping predators.

  • The rock-climbing catfish can walk up a 20-foot vertical rock wall against the torrent of a waterfall in 30 minutes.

  • The largest bat in the world has a wingspread of six feet!

  • During any 24-hour period, your eyes will move an average of 100,000 times!

Ages 8+